Tuesday, April 4, 2017

5 Reasons to Work for the Career Center

Welcome back, everyone! With spring break behind us, we are in that final stretch of the 2016-2017 academic year - and less than two months away from Commencement 2017.

While I'm so incredibly excited to graduate and enter the workforce and undertake a whole new adventure, there are a few loose ends that still need to be addressed before I can leave. One of the biggest is finding my replacement(s) for the role that allows me to type up my career-oriented thoughts every week in this digestible blog format. The Career Center is currently recruiting for Social Media Interns. The applications are due 4/14, so time is running out to apply! The Career Center is also hiring fall student assistants.

While I will maintain a deep state of denial towards my upcoming departure from the Career Center for a few more weeks, I do want to share why I've stayed here for the past three years. Here are (only) five reasons why I love working for the Career Center:

1. Get connected with the Tufts community. As a Career Fellow, I've been able to co-host events with RAs, Greek life organizations, and on-campus clubs. I've held drop-ins in dorms and several of the Group of Six houses, I've spoken at campus-wide Career Center events, and overall I have met, emailed, or interacted with countless members of the Tufts community. My blog posts have (hopefully) reached hundreds of Jumbos, and I still get the occasional recognition from a friend who comes across our blog. It's a really great feeling not only to be able to ingrain yourself into a unique space like a college campus, but also to be able to become an active member within that space. If you're searching for ways to get involved, I highly recommend connecting with the Career Center.

2. Apply what you do to your own life. You'll go through some serious training if you become a Career Fellow. Through workshops on resumes, cover letters, internship searches and resources, and choosing a major, you'll quickly become an expert on personal career development. While this will definitely prepare you for one-on-one meetings with students, you can also apply your knowledge to your own resume, cover letter, or internship search. One of the proudest moments of my life happened a few weeks ago, when during a job interview, a recruiter complimented me on how "impressively formatted" my resume was. For a resume nerd like myself, this was the equivalent of her telling me my child was adorable.

3. Join a collaborative and creative team. The Career Center is filled with some pretty incredible people. I cannot stress enough how much I've enjoyed working with and getting to know my co-workers, both adult and fellow student (an important distinction to make, in my opinion, since I still do not consider myself a real adult). Not only have I gotten some great career and life advice from my colleagues, but I've also been able to work alongside some supportive, friendly, and caring humans.

4. Utilize and refine your existing skills. I joined the Career Center back in 2014 because I wanted another avenue to pursue writing, something I've always been passionate about. My work has allowed me to maintain this passion while strengthening my skills as a writer - all while getting paid to do it. But don't limit yourself to the job description - if you have a certain skill set, don't be afraid to mention it on your Career Fellow application. We've had Career Fellows use their graphic design skills to strengthen our marketing materials, even though this was never something a Career Fellow was expected to do. There's always room for what you can bring to the table!
In this metaphor, "girls" is really "The Career Center," and "boyfriends" is "student workers".

5. Support your fellow Jumbos. At the end of the day, meetings with students are the bread and butter of a Career Fellow's job. Truthfully, I've found this part of the work to be the most rewarding. Since resume/cover letter writing isn't exactly a subject taught in school, almost every student is starting from scratch when they apply for their first internship. It's so gratifying to be able to help a first- or second-year student get that internship they have their heart set on, or to be able to see the relief a student feels after they've gone through a resume critique and finally know that they're on the right track. Not to mention that the skills you'll gain in interpersonal communication and rapport-building will assist you in any future career field.

In case you didn't get the message, I really, really, really love my job, and think that any student would feel the same. With the fast-approaching deadlines, don't miss out on your chance to enhance your Tufts experience and further your career journey.

Until next time,
Sean Boyden
Class of 2017