Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Tufts University Musical 3: Senior Year

Welcome back to campus everyone! Summer has flown by once again, and I'm truly sad to see this one go. Between concerts and comedy shows, 4 AM wasp collections and 2 AM laughs with old friends, a trip to LA and a trip to NYC, and countless days of reading, sleeping, running, and beach-going, summer 2016 was one of the best of my life. With the bar set high, I'm planning on an unforgettable school year.

Me on Hollywood Boulevard, during a family vacation to Los Angeles in July. As you can see, I fit right in.
For some of us - myself included - it's our last time around the carousel, which feels surreal. It's hard to believe that this is my last year at Tufts, and in nine short months I'll be leaving the campus I've come to call home. At the same time, though, I'm craving new experiences in new places, and some days I can't wait until Commencement 2017.

These conflicting feelings, combined with a healthy dose of procrastinatory tendencies, are embodied by an acronym that I've come to embrace in the past few weeks: SWUG. If you ask the internet, 'SWUG' stands for 'Senior Washed-Up Girl' (or guy, or whatever noun you choose to identify with; if college has taught me anything, it is most certainly that gender is a social construct). Essentially, a SWUG is basically someone who's lost the motivation to be the typical high-achieving, high-energy college student that he or she was as an underlcassman; social outings lack the appeal they once held, and even the most basic homework seems impossible to complete. The days of being a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed freshman are far behind us, and now we pretty much just walk around the quad like zombies until the next time we can be home in bed again.

Our SWUG crew - we've come a long way since Hill Hall 2013.
But for me, the SWUG life doesn't mean washing up or losing drive. It means living in the moment, not caring about other people's expectations of you, and above all, doing what makes you happy. Whether it's joining the burlesque dance team or running through campus in a banana suit (both of which are items on my college bucket list), being a SWUG is about having the best senior year I can, before I leave an environment where society expects me to be ridiculous and irresponsible.

This summer, my friend Helen and I bought matching "Lettuce Be Friends" shirts and held a photoshoot throughout the Tufts campus. This is how SWUGs spend their free time.
Now, here comes the million-dollar question: how can we balance our in-the-moment, non-commital SWUG identities with the overriding need to have a plan after the caps are thrown? I'm not going to be unreasonable and suggest that you spontaneously critique your resume or change out of your sweatpants for a half-hour interview, but I do have a few ideas about what a SWUG can do in between naps and on-campus events that provide free food to start career planning:

Attend the Career Fair. Every year it seems to sneak up on us, but the Fall Career Fair is THIS FRIDAY, 11:30-2:30 in GANTCHER. There will be over 180 employers there looking specifically to recruit Tufts seniors for post-grad jobs. It's a few hours out of your Friday - you can do this. Even if you don't find the perfect job for you, attending the fair will give you an idea of what is out there, and what you can look for.

Explore your options. This goes hand in hand with attending the Career Fair. Before entering the workforce, you should try to inform yourself about the different paths you can take with your degree. This can be done simply by browsing the Internet, or by meeting with a Career Advisor. 

Me, looking for (a mind at) work. (I kind of got obsessed with Hamilton this summer. And I couldn't post a picture of LA and snub NYC, which in Angelica Schuyler's and my opinion is the greatest city in the world.)
Talk to people. Another great way to explore job opportunities is to put yourself out there and talk to professionals with careers that interest you. It can be anyone - your professor, your friend's mom, your mom's friend, your professor's mom... the list goes on.

Apply, apply, apply. One of my clearest memories from the college application process is something my best friend told me after her tour at a highly prestigious university. When she asked the tour guide what she could do to increase her chances of getting in, the tour guide responded, "Apply." This is true of the job search as well: by applying to as many positions as you can, you'll increase your chances of finding a great opportunity.

I know I just threw a lot of information at you, and for my fellow seniors currently reading this, it's okay to be completely overwhelmed (that's sort of how I feel all the time lately). But if you just start by doing one of these suggestions, you'll already be making progress towards your career goals,

It's going to be an amazing year, and before we know it, it's going to be over. Let's look out for each other, and make sure we all have a next step after we walk off the stage in May.

Until next time,
Sean Boyden
Class of 2017

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Career Carnival 2016: A Great Start to the New Year

What do you get when you mix KanJam, airball archery, and Keytar Bear with a bouncy house, free popcorn and an ice cream truck?  Career Carnival 2016! The event went off without a hitch thanks to Tufts Career Center staffers Jim McCarthy and Debbie Coughlin. 

Lots of students and staff came out for the event.  The ice cream truck gave away more than 700 sweets, and there were long lines at the spin art table. We were glad to see friends from across campus including Provost David Harris, Associate Dean Rob Mack, the College Transition Advisors, Admissions staff, and International Center staff

This year's event was heavy on the fun and light on the career education.  The message: Engage with the Career Center. We're nice people, we're devoted to students and alumni, and while we take our jobs seriously to provide you with the best resources and expert advice, we're also here to remind you that every now and then, you need to step back and have fun.

Here's to a great start to the new year!  Check out the pics below.

Nicole Anderson
Assistant Director/Career Advisor
Tufts Career Center

Friday, August 19, 2016

SMFA & Tufts: Art Resources for Creative Careers - PART 3 - Arts Education

SMFA Joining Tufts: Combine Art and Education

Thank you to those who have been following the past two blogs for The SMFA Joining Tufts.

This is the last blog of the three-series blog posts. As a recap, our first blog was on Job and Internship Resources for the Creative Industries, and our second post in the series was on Residences. This last blog is on Jobs and Internships for Arts in Education and in Museums. Besides these wonderful resources, the Tufts Career Center can be another useful tool in your career development. Just call to schedule an appointment with an advisor to work on your resume, cover letter, interviewing preparation or networking skills! Learn more about upcoming career fairs. Drop-in hours will become available again when the fall semester starts.

For those who are looking into education with your arts major, use the job search tool in the resources below. Read about the research performed on the impact of arts on education.

Arts in Education Resources
Arts Education Partnership
Arts-in-Education Research
K-12 jobs

image source

Museum curators obtain artifacts and organize exhibitions. They also plan events, tours and workshops. If you’re interested, check out this resource: The Association of Art Museum Curators. In addition, you can find more art education, arts administration, and museum career resources such as Careers A -Z, Spotlight on Careers, and What Can I Do With This Major, on our website, under "Resources Especially for Jumbos".

The Tufts Career Center is here to provide you with the support to succeed! We will help you identify your career goals and gain the skills, resources, contacts, and tools necessary to achieve them. Whether you are deciding on a major or career, looking for an internship or job, or considering graduate school, we can help. Stop by the Career Center on the Somerville/Medford Campus in Dowling Hall, or visit our website!

Anna Wang, Tufts '17

Kristin Casasanto, Assistant Director, Tufts Career Center

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

SMFA & Tufts: Art Resources for Creative Careers - PART 2 - Artists' Residencies

Hello again!

For starters, if anyone is new to this series of Creative Career Resources, I just wanted to let you know that our previous blog was on the Creative Job Search. This time, this blog features resources for Residencies.

Artists' residencies provide time and space for creative work. They foster diverse, creative communities through different styles of support. Residencies can be rural or urban, international or national, and can range from serving one person to fifty!

Monday, August 15, 2016

SMFA & Tufts: Art Resources for Creative Careers - PART 1 - Job Search Resources

As you may have heard, it’s official: the School of the Museum of Fine Arts is now part of Tufts University School of Arts and Sciences. The Tufts Career Center is thrilled to welcome the SMFA faculty and staff and students to Tufts.

The Career Center at Tufts will continue to ensure that all Tufts students at the Somerville/Medford campus as well as the School of the Museum of Fines Arts at Tufts in Boston have the necessary career services support to navigate their evolving path from an art student to a creative professional. Students from the Museum School and in Arts, Sciences, and Engineering can visit the Tufts Career Center for career development, graduate school advising, and more.

Come by during daily drop-in hours this fall, or schedule an appointment to speak to an advisor- we’re open all summer! We can help you with your cover letters, resumes, networking, internship search, job search, and more. The Tufts Career Center offers career resources specific to SMFA students, including information on art careers, residencies, and the creative job search. Come in and see how we can help you identify your career goals and gain the skills, resources, contacts, and tools necessary to achieve them. Whether you are deciding on a major, exploring careers, looking for an internship or job, or considering graduate school, we can help.

This is part 1 of a 3-part series featuring creative career resources for students. In this series, we will review the following art career topics:
  1.   Job Search Resources in Creative Industries
  2.   Residencies
  3.   Careers in Education and in Museum
For now, start out by learning about job search resources in creative industries.

SMFA and Tufts: Creative Career Resources

The Career Center provides resources for job and internships in many creative fields including advertising, graphic design, fine art, museums, art administration, and more. SpotlightOnCareers can help you explore more career options, offering a deep dive into many career paths and industries. In addition, you can meet with a career advisor at the Tufts Career Center to learn about more specialized resources. Advice on resumes, cover letters, and career exploration is also available through appointments as well as on our website. And daily drop-in hours start again in the fall semester!

If you’ve just graduated and need some inspirational stories from other artists, check out our Creative Futures Blog and our SMFA Internships Blog. Read about how other artists got their internships and rose to their current positions. Not only do they feature current and past projects, but also provide useful advice for career development. Be sure to check out the current events, job fairs and spotlight internships!

If you’re looking for a job, the creative industries offer a wide range of options for students from any major. You can find creative jobs in the music, arts, design, architecture, theater, and fashion industries. Whether you’re looking for an internship, full-time job, part-time job or freelance opportunities, these resources can help you get started! You will also find resume and cover letter tips, galleries, and exciting events!

Here are additional Creative Career Resources:
American Association of Museums
American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works
Americans for the Arts Job Bank
Animation Blog (SMFA)
Art Deadline
Art Libraries of North America
Behance Network: The Creative Professional Platform
Chicago Artist's Resource
College Art Association
Creative Hotlist
Creative Pool (UK)
Fashion Net
Film and TV Jobs
Massachsetts Film Office
Massachusetts Production Coalition
MA Innovation & Technology Exchange (MITX)-Career Exchange
Museum Employment Resource Center
National Art Education Association
New England Film
NYFA Source (New York Foundation for the Arts)
Student Conservation Association
The Institute of Conservation
Tip Top Jobs
Worldwide Internships

Reminder: Stay tuned this week for the next blog in our Creative Career Resource Series: Art Residencies!

Anna Wang, Tufts '17
Kristin Casasanto, Assistant Director, Tufts Career Center

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Professionals in residence: who will be on campus this fall . . .

Exploring different careers can be hard. I hear this a lot - “I’m interested in different things, but I don’t know how I’m going to learn about what I like and don’t like because I don’t have time to try all the things I want.” This seemingly impossible problem is usually expressed with a tinge of hopelessness and an appeal for realistic, actionable advice.

The Professional in Residence Program at Tufts

Fear not friend! If you want to explore career fields, one great option is the Career Center's Professional in Residence Program, which brings professionals to campus so students can meet with them and learn what it's like to work in their field.

Professional in Residence = Easy Way to Network with Alumni

Connecting with alumni and professionals who are working in a field is one of the best ways to get insider information. We call these conversations, informational interviews, where you can get your questions answered and build a relationship at the same time.  It's good to do a few informational interviews within the same field so you can get more than one perspective. While the PIR Program is a convenient way to network with alumni right here on campus, there are many ways to connect to professionals, like through LinkedIn or by attending panel discussions and career events on and off campus.  

What career fields do the alumni represent?  

Over the last two years we've hosted alumni as professionals in residence from many different fields including healthcare, non-profit management, environment, marketing, urban studies/planning and many others:
  1. Moises Cohen (A11, IR), Director of Development, BUILD
  2. Margot Schwartz (A06, Psychology & Community Health), Research Public Health Analyst, RTI International
  3. Amy Cotter (J95, Political Science & Environmental Studies), Director of Strategic Initiatives/Regional Plan Implementation, Metropolitan Area Planning Council
  4. Dana DiNino, PhD (J96 Biology, MG02 Cellular and Molecular Biology), Senior Principle Scientist, Pfizer
  5. Johanna Neumann (J01, Biology & Environmental Studies), Donor Development Director, The Public Interest Network
  6. Erin Allweiss (A05, IR), Founder and Partner, No. 29 Communications
  7. Rita Reznikova (A08, IR), Senior Data Insights Manager, Forrester
  8. Gillian Galen, PsyD (J01, Child Development, Community Health & Spanish), Program Director of 3East Intensive Adolescent DBT Residential Program, McLean Hospital
This fall we have two alumni scheduled to come to campus and we're in the process of adding others:
  1. Jason Bauman, JD (A02, IR & Quantitative Economics), Policy Manager (North America), Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (JPAL)
  2. Sarang Sekhavat, JD (A98, History & Anthropology), Federal Policy Director, Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition

If I sign up for the PIR Program, what can I expect?

Students sign up in Jumbo Jobs to meet 1-1 with the professional for 20 minutes in  the Career Center. We also host an open discussion over lunch for anyone to participate - munch on some pizza and salad and ask questions.

During your 1-on-1 time or over lunch you might ask questions like:
  1. What kind of projects do you work on? 
  2. What are some ways that I can break into this field?
  3. What kinds of experiences are good for me to get while I'm at Tufts so I can get a job in your field?
  4. Is graduate school necessary for me to get ahead in this field?
You likely have a lot of ideas about what you could do for a job and the number of options can feel overwhelming. In order to feel confident weighing options, you have to feel good about the information that you're getting. Aside from internships and work experience, informational interviews are a great way for you to learn about a career, and the Professional in Residence Program brings experienced professionals right to Tufts so you can easily access them.

Check out our calendar throughout the semester to stay updated on who is coming to campus. And don't be afraid to reach out on your own to talk to alumni. If you have any questions about how to do that, we are here for you and there is great information available on our website, here! Until next time! 

- Jim McCarthy

Jim McCarthy is a Career Advisor in the Tufts Career Center and manages the Professional in Residence program. He also specializes in internship and LinkedIn programming a liaises with the Film and Media Studies, Environmental Studies, English, Chemistry and Biology departments.

Friday, July 8, 2016

9 Jobs in STEM Available Right Now on Jumbo Jobs

With all the wonderful science, technology, and engineering majors offered at Tufts, our student body consists of a plethora of qualified analytical thinkers ready to enter the work force. However, it’s not always easy to find the right fit when looking for a job. That’s where Jumbo Jobs comes in.

The Tufts University Career Center has a massive amount of employers looking to hire Tufts graduates as well as current students, and you can find all their postings on Jumbo Jobs. Here are a few highlights to get you started.

1. Domeyard LP – C++ Gateway Developer
Location: Boston, MA
Domeyard LP is a hedge fund focused on high-frequency trading, leveraging advances in high-performance computing and data analysis to implement trading algorithms across a diverse range of assets, including equities, futures, fixed income, energy and commodities. They are currently hiring a C++ Gateway Developer to work with them on the cutting edge of low latency trading technologies. See more here: Jumbo Jobs

2. Yelp – Associate Product Manager
Location: San Francisco, CA
Since 2004, Yelp has been connecting people with great local businesses, and they’re looking to grow their team with folks who are passionate about that mission. They’ve got offices across the country, as well as a few in Europe, and have been rated a top employer by the San Francisco Business Journal. Yelp is looking for an Associate Product Manager to think creatively about how to make Yelp a more useful and fun place to be. This job combines techie credentials with design chops, and Yelp is looking for someone with the whole package. See more: Jumbo Jobs

3. BlazeTech – R&D Engineer
Location: Woburn, MA
Blazetech is a leader in providing R&D, product development and computational services in environmental safety and energy for civilian and military applications.  Over the years, BlazeTech has developed innovative and cost-effective solutions for many problems of national importance. Now BlazeTech is looking to hire a Tufts students as an R&D Engineer in Mechanical or Aerospace Systems; they would work with prototype development of technologies developed in-house by BlazeTech. See more here: Jumbo Jobs

4. Sam’s Club – Decision Sciences Manager
Location: Bentonville, AR
Since 1962, Sam’s Club has been dedicated to helping people in their communities save money so they can live better. As Sam Walton once said, “Our people make the difference.” Sam’s Club has been consistently redefining the industry, and they rely on their employees to do so. Sam’s Club is looking for a Decision Sciences Manager who will analyze and interpret data, consult on business strategies, participate in cross-functional collaboration, and provide and support the implementation of business solutions. See more: Jumbo Jobs

5. CareDash – Quantitative Data Analyst
Location: Cambridge, MA
CareDash is a rapidly growing, cash-flow positive, venture-backed startup focused in the health and family services spaces. They apply cutting edge data analysis to the health and fitness marketing space and publish their own websites. Now CareDash is looking for a Quantitative Data Analyst to apply sophisticated analytical techniques – the days of manipulating boring Excel spreadsheets are over if you join the CareDash team. See more here: Jumbo Jobs

6. iZotope, Inc. – Software Engineer
Location: Cambridge, MA
iZotope is a research-driven audio technology company whose products and audio technology are used by millions of people in over 50 countries. iZotope focuses on developing innovative audio technology for professional and consumer applications. They are looking to hire a Tufts student as a Software Engineer, in charge of developing, monitoring, maintaining, and optimizing their top quality automated build and release system. See more: Jumbo Jobs

7. Starwood Capital Group – Summer Internship Program
Location: Greenwich, CT
Starwood Capital Group is a private investment firm with 11 offices around the world. Its primary focus is on global real estate and energy. Since its inception in 1991, the firm has raised more than $31 billion of equity capital and currently has $42 billion in assets under management. Now they are looking for a Tufts student with superior analytical, quantitative, and technical skills for their 2017 Summer Acquisitions and Asset Management Internship Program. See more here: Jumbo Jobs

8. Museum of Science – Interpretation Presenter
Location: Boston, MA

Or maybe you just want to play with spiders and frogs and get paid for it? The Museum of Science in Boston is looking for someone to provide hands-on, inquiry and design-based learning experiences for museum visitors in the exhibit halls and the Spiders and Frogs temporary exhibits. See more: Jumbo Jobs

9. A123 Systems - MotorSports Development Engineer (New Grad)
Location: Waltham, MA
A123 Systems, LLC develops and manufactures advanced Nanophosphate® lithium iron phosphate batteries and energy storage systems. From motorsports to mainstream, A123 provides high power and high energy cells that perform at world class levels. The Porsche 919 Hybrid above, which recently won the 83rd running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, is powered by A123’s custom engineered batteries. A123 is hiring for several entry-level positions, including this one for a MotorSports Development Engineer (New Grad), who will focus on process improvements on several cells for the Motorsports division.  See job listing in Jumbo Jobs